A caring environment at the heart of our homes.

Project home is about providing equal foundations, support and continuity for everyone that comes on our journey, to support their progress and development in life.

We are here to improve the industry and bring it up to standards everyone deserves!

Homes you’d be proud to live in.

Our aim is simple, to provide everyone an equal opportunity to survive and thrive in life.

This includes the opportunity to be part of a family, consistency and continuity – A foundation to feel safe and to grow and become a better version of yourself!

We are creating homes that people can be proud to live in, somewhere they feel safe and comfortable enough to live, learn and improve at they navigate through some difficult times in life.

Positive themes.

We create bedrooms with comfortable, durable and adult furniture, positive themes and messages through-out and working areas in each room, the availability of Wi-Fi and smart televisions for work and social time when appropriate.

The are newly fitted bathrooms with vanity space for everyone to share, usually only 2 children sharing each bathroom and an ensuite room for our care / workers.

A learning environment.

The kitchens are fully equipped to provide ample cooking areas and facilities to accommodate a household and also the opportunity to learn and enjoy the art of cooking at the same time if they should choose

We also provide a working study / class area, communal space, games room and more.

Time spent outdoors.

We utilise the outside and surrounding space so our children can spend time outdoors, with exercise, leisure areas and secure bike storage.

The properties are designed to be versatile and durable, with stunning finishing and furniture, fully licensed, safe and secure for all of our resident tenants.

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